The Biggest Marketing Mistake
Lawyers Make is...

Focusing on how their website looks and not what it says

Potential clients visit your website for one simple reason.... They want to know if you can help them. They have a problem. They have concerns. They're worried and they're looking for someone who can make things better. 

The best website – the one that gets you the most leads and clients – is the one that lets visitors know that you are the lawyer they're looking for. You understand their problems and you know how to solve them. 

That's why we believe good content is the heart of lawyer marketing.  If you get the content right, everything else just flows naturally.... You get the best leads. They turn into the best clients. And, you make more money

We Know Legal Marketing Like You Know the Law
(pssst.... and we know the law pretty well, too)

Let's face it. Being a good lawyer and being a good marketer aren't the same thing. The best legal writing is pretty much useless when it comes to marketing.

That's because marketing isn't about "thinking like a lawyer." It's about "thinking like someone who needs a lawyer."

That's where we come in. We combine real-world legal experience with world-class marketing techniques. 

We Turn Words Into Clients

Our Process

Most of our clients start with a "best practices" package. We give you the marketing content and strategy that works best for most law firms in your practice area, but without the added cost of customization. Then, once you have a solid foundation, we can work with you to customize and optimize your marketing program. 

Either way – best practices or fully customized – our process follows the same three steps:


We start with a review of your solutions and target market. We define your image, your "voice" and your content plan.


You'll get at least one new article each week, each one designed to increase site traffic and get you more leads.


After edits and approval, we post the content to your site and track the results in order to guide future marketing efforts.

Getting Started: The "Best Practices Package"

Our Best Practices Package is designed to give you a solid foundation built on the techniques and content that has proven most successful for law firms in your practice area. We create and test content to ensure that it gets you the most traffic and does the best job of converting visitors into leads

We start with a "model" marketing plan and then customize it to fit your location, your firm image and your target market. We are straight-up ninja assassin local SEO magical wizards. That way, for any given piece of content, all of our client firms will rank well in the search engine results, but you will perform best with prospects in your geographic location. We can maximize the effectiveness of this strategy with our optional social media management package. 

To get started...

1. Choose your practice area(s):
  • Estate Planning – with or without advanced tax planning
  • Elder Law – with or without veterans' benefits
  • Criminal Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Other practice areas coming soon – add your name to our list
2. Protect your jurisdiction:

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your local search results (and to avoid competing against ourselves), we only represent one firm in each practice area and location. 

Our territories are based on the Nielsen "Designated Marketing Areas." Basically, each major television market is a separate region. We have modified that slightly when TV markets cross state lines and/or cover an extraordinarily large geographic area. (For example, the L.A. market is divided into three regions.)

This is just a basic rule of thumb. Our goal is to ensure that you can dominate the area you serve without worrying about competing against another attorney using our powerful system. If you have any question about territories, please let us know and we will do our best to make it work. 

3. Choose your service level:


blog content ONLY

The easiest way to get started




  • Weekly Syndicated Articles and Content
  • Average 1,000 Words per Article
  • Firm/Local Customization
  • Content, Technical & Local SEO


comprehensive marketing packages

From content creation to automation, and everything in between. We will build and maintain a custom marketing system for your firm. 

Call for Quotes

  • Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Website Design and Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Production
  • And More...


If you've read this far, it's a good sign that you're interested in improving your content marketing program. 

And, you're in the right place. We can turn you into a content marketing rock star. We'll fill your website with great content and make you look great. You'll get more visitors and more leads. That means more clients and more money. 

If you're interested in finding out what we can do for your firm, fill out the contact form and we will set up a complimentary content strategy session. 

Are you Ready for the "Double Your Business Challenge?"

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